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Creating a safe space for wildlife and communities

Everything we do is centred around being a force for good, protecting our environment and the wildlife we interact with and share with you. By staying at our lodges and delighting in our adventures, you also make a difference.

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Community upliftment

When it comes to local Kenyan communities like the Maasai tribes, we believe in respecting their homeland and only positively impacting their lives through tourism. From opening schools for local children and donating books and equipment to life-changing medical supplies and employing locals, we believe every guest directly leaves a ripple effect of positivity when they visit us.


Cultivating a conservation mindset

Conservation is not only about action. Instead, it’s about first changing the mindset around the topic. One of the ways we do this is to educate local communities and guests alike about the delicate balance of Mother Nature and how everything we do has an effect – it’s up to us to decide whether that will be positive or negative. Furthermore, we support conservation books like those by Margot Raggett, as well as try to implement daily changes like switching from plastic water bottles to reusable stainless steel bottles and glass at our lodges instead. It’s an ongoing effort, and we continue to try to find ways to leave a light footprint and boost conservation efforts.


Pack for a Purpose

Entim Mara supports Pack for a Purpose, where you put something into your luggage that can enhance the lives of those less fortunate than yourself and we distribute it for you.

We support Molibanny Primary School, which educates 50 pupils aged 8 to 12 years from villages on the edge of the Masai Mara. If you would like to make your donation in person, we can provide transportation from Entim Camp to the primary school 30km away. Otherwise we’ll take it for you.


Molibany School

The Satao foundation and Entim Camp project – the Molibany School has finally taken off. The project was launched and opened its doors to the excitement of the local children and the community at large. The school has additional four new classrooms and furnished with 200 desks and library of new books The funds for the new addition estimated at USD.70,000 was donated by the Satao foundation and Entim Camp. Over the years “Guests of Entim” through pack for a purpose have generously donated books and equipment estimated at $40,000 We at Entim in collaboration with our guests are excited to give back to the local community and invite you to “give back to the world when you travel!”


Reduction of plastic

The use of plastic bottled water was a concern for Entim Camp due to large amounts of plastic waste and carbon emissions associated with the production of bottles and their delivery to the Mara. We have proudly rolled out our initiative to reduce plastic bottle waste and our guests are provided on check-in with reusable stainless steel bottles We have also introduced glass water bottles to prevent use of non-biodegradable plastic bottles in camp.


Ongoing conservation efforts

  • With the environment at the forefront of our ethos, we are trying to become more green day by day, by implementing solar systems to provide for each camp. additionally we are implementing each property to have a green house to sustain most of its needs in terms of vegetables.
  • Community donations as a company have taken place, as northern Kenya is drought stricken, the wilder group made various donations to place is need, mostly in the form of food and water.
  • Our driver guides are now being provided with new Nikon cameras to be used to capture images and for them to be able to learn how to use cameras and become photographers of their own – they will undergo training with a professional photographer.
  • A project to empower Maasai women is now making headway, whereby the local ladies will be creating charcoal briquets as a means to create income of their own and not to depend on the men within the community.
  • A pipeline was created to provide the local community with fresh water outside of Ilkeliani camp.

Remembering Elephants

Margot Raggett has been working with Entim since 2013 when she became a regular Photographer in Residence at camp. When in 2015 she decided to produce her first fund raising book ‘Remembering Elephants’ we were only too pleased to support her. We have now supported all three books in her Remembering Wildlife series by donating stays at Entim for the Kickstarter campaigns, which have funded each of Margot’s books. In the early days we supported Margot’s fundraising efforts for Molibany Primary School in Talek, a relationship Entim Camp continues to this day.



We believe in living on the wilder side of life, offering a range of luxury lodges and experiences.

About Us

About Us

Our story begins in 2000 when the Wilder Group, then known as the Africa Eco Wilderness Group, was founded.

Wilder Group
"Outstanding place and the kindest staff. It was our last stop in Kenya and the experience was impressive, from the food to the guide, everything was great. The tent was always perfect, their morning call coffee and tea is amazing, food is delicious and staff always keep an eye on your needs. Also Joseph the guide was great."
Fernando de Celis Sánchez
"Ilkeliani is incredible. We found it hard to decide where to stay in the Mara but our guide gave us great recommendations. Not only is Ilkeliani conveniently located in the middle of the park, it is also easily accessible by the main roads of Nairobi."
Jasmine Gupta
"This is hands down the most incredible place I've ever stayed (and I've been all over). The location is stunning, the staff are the kindest and most thoughtful, food is delicious, drinks are fabulous, game drives and boat safari are nothing short of epic, pool and spa are spectacular, the setting is one of a kind...The Cliff a quiet, calm escape from the world and no detail is overlooked. I've rarely been as sad to leave a place as I was this morning, and already thinking about my return trip. Can't recommend highly enough!"
Devon Urell