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5,000 acre private conservancy of unscathed virgin bush, the Olerai Conservancy was set up through the goodwill of tribal landowners to expand wildlife ranges and migration routes.

Entim Main Camp

Entim Main Camp

Entim Main Camp

Entim Main Camp

Exclusive Slice of Maasai Mara Game Reserve

The whole gambit of African wildlife is here, and it now has the largest concentration of giraffes and eland in the local ecosystem. Giraffes are known locally as “cool tall guys”, and Maasai giraffes differ from other sub-species by their distinctive jig-saw puzzle splotched pattern. Our lions and cheetahs move in and out of the territory but are often sighted since the Olerai plains are perfect hunting grounds. Furthermore, the reserve provides an elephant corridor, and with lush marshland grasses, the elephant uses it as a feeding ground and a dispersal area. It’s a special slice of Masaai Mara, luring big and small wildlife to our unspoilt paradise.

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Our Rangers

Meet Our Ranger Superheroes

A special setting with so many protected treasures like Olerai Conservancy requires protection – and it takes a pretty spectacular team of people to do that. Our rangers are superheroes in their own right, expertly trained to identify danger and protected the land and wildlife from any threats that could arise. From vulnerable species like the African elephant, lion and Maasai giraffe to the endangered cheetah and African wild dog calling the Olerai Conservancy home, we’ll do everything in our power to protect them.


Discover the beauty of this unique conservancy

Olerai Conservancy is an ecotourism destination rich in biodiversity, birdlife and wildlife. Therefore, our bushy environment makes it a popular birdwatching, wildlife watching and photography location. Bordering the Maasai Mara National Reserve to the south and other conservancies to its northern and western end, it shares the same game moving in and out but also serves as a shelter for vulnerable and endangered species.

Where the Wild Things Are

Around 70% of wildlife in Africa live outside protected areas such as National Parks. Therefore, the proactive formation of community conservancies continues to grow in importance to give wildlife more space to prosper.

Olerai Conservancy
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