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A boutique camp perched on a cliff inside Lake Nakuru National Park, The Cliff will make you feel on top of the world.

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Discover our panoramic luxury tents

Perched at the top of a 100-metre-high rock face sits Lake Nakuru’s newest and most innovative addition – The Cliff – a 10-room luxury camp. Luxurious tents at the cliff’s edge face the lake, allowing guests 180-degree views of the panoramic paradise while maintaining privacy. Each tent is very spacious, with a freestanding bath looking outwards. While the exterior environment at The Cliff is purely African, the room interiors boast chic international design, achieving the understated style of a modern boutique hotel within a tented camp.

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Welcome to Lake Nakuru

Kenya’s Lake Nakuru lies in the ancient Rift Valley, a vast feeding ground for thousands of flamingos. The surrounding National Park surrounds the lake, a mix of woodlands, bush, savannah and volcanic cliffs, making it a perfect habitat for four of Africa’s Big 5. Only two and a half hours from Nairobi, Lake Nakuru National Park attracts bird watchers worldwide.


Explore Kenya's Lake Nakuru

Although we certainly wouldn't blame our guests for wanting to spend the day gazing out onto the plains from their tents, many activities around the lake keep you entertained.

Discover more about The Cliff

The Cliff blends space and scenery with style and service, promising all of our guests an otherworldly stay.



Embark on all the many activities in Lake Nakuru led by our expert guides. Here’s what you can do in and around The Cliff Luxury Tented Camp in Kenya.



Our setting in Lake Nakuru National Park is one of the best in Kenya, and all our luxury tented camps are perched on the cliffside to enjoy views of the Rift Valley soda lake, Lake Nakuru.

The Cliff
"All I can say is wow! This place is incredible!! The staff are very hospitable! Sammy was very attentive and made us feel special. The camp is extremely luxurious and each tent has a full private view of the lake. We woke up and watched the sunset and birds from our balcony. Of all the places we stayed in Kenya, this place amazed us the most and we wish we stayed longer! Would definitely recommend!"
Felisha Ming
"Have you been to the cliff? Have you seen the place? How it blends with the wild? The view OMG breathtaking the morning sunrise? The staff "smiling machines" were so friendly and professional.Special thanks to Nancy, Sammy and Afra, for making my stay memorable.Can't wait to be back."
Joy Winner
"A perfect blend of wild and luxury. The staff are warm and welcoming, The. Morning sunrise was magnificent, A very quiet and chilled place. Very organized.I had my proposal and the assistance I was accorded was unmatched. Justus and Afra gave me an unforgettable experience.Totally recommend, Coming back is a must!"
Amadi Andrew Lusiola
"This is hands down the most incredible place I've ever stayed (and I've been all over). The location is stunning, the staff are the kindest and most thoughtful, food is delicious, drinks are fabulous, game drives and boat safari are nothing short of epic, pool and spa are spectacular, the setting is one of a kind...The Cliff a quiet, calm escape from the world and no detail is overlooked. I've rarely been as sad to leave a place as I was this morning, and already thinking about my return trip. Can't recommend highly enough!"
Devon Urell