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Our initiative stems from our company philosophy. Africa Eco Adventures Ltd cares deeply about the residents of Mara , many of whom are employed by the tourism industry.


Eco-tourism making a difference locally

For our conservancy model to work, we need tourism. However, we do this while being conscious of our environmental footprint, working hard to minimise it whilst still offering the best safari experiences for our guests. Because our conservancy is more exclusive than the main areas, it offers you a private escape away from the crowds and peace of mind that you’re helping us make a difference to the land, its wildlife and people.


Gender equality and women's empowerment

Since we set up shop in a pastoral community whose cultural virtues and values are still playing catch up on gender equality and women’s empowerment, we have taken it upon ourselves to gently promote gender equality and women’s empowerment without quashing or abrading the community’s revered cultural identity. Other than sensitising on the importance of educating children regardless of sex and embracing a safeguarding policy for children in our HR policy, we established a 5,000 acres Olerai Conservancy through which we encouraged the formation and registration of a land owners’ “TUONE MBALI’ women group with an active membership of 35 women of different age sets. The group aims to empower women through income-generating initiatives and other livelihood improvement programs under the guidance of their patron, our conservancy manager, Mr Salim Mandela (MA). So far, the women have received training on charcoal briquette manufacturing and are in the process of setting up a charcoal briquette production post within our conservancy. This is in an attempt to not only solve their economic issues but also to promote clean energy use in the locality and solve the eminent logging for firewood and charcoal-making menace that is aggressively threatening our indigenous forests and water catchment points.


Access to clean water

Olerai Conservancy is situated in Maasai Mara, a region characterised by short rainy seasons and long periods of drought. As a result, access to clean water is a major challenge facing the inhabitants of this area. Unfortunately, the community where our conservancy sits depends on seasonal streams, which dry out a greater part of the year. This led us to launch our clean water project, where we drilled a borehole at the Ndoinyo community area and piped it to Molibany Primary School, approximately 3km away. The water currently serves 411 pupils and a community of an estimated 60 households. As a result of this project, there has been a great reduction in waterborne diseases in the locality, especially among school-going children, which means more time spent studying due to the availability of clean water in the school and improved academic performance among learners as well as a reduction in administration costs of buying water. Teachers are equally motivated!


A delicate balance

Proclaiming areas for wildlife protection must also consider local communities and their traditional ways of life. Since cattle and goats form the major livelihood and sustenance of the local Maasai around this conservancy, the Conservancy Manager, Mr Mandela, introduced Time Zoning for grazing during certain low-season months of the year. Based on a seven-year study showing that wildlife is most active in the early hours of the day up to about 9 am and the evening after 4 pm, he allowed livestock grazing on the open plains from 9 am to 3:30 pm. The local wildlife has habituated well to this circadian rhythm zoning, although it’s not unusual to see a mixed group of wild and domesticated animals grazing nearby.


Uplifting Maasai communities

Olerai conservancy is set up around the community, thereby dictating that our sustainability is anchored in the goodwill of this community. To foster this, we strive to promote initiatives geared towards enhancing resilience, improving livelihoods and transforming our immediate community’s lives.


Quality education

Our team assessed the community and identified a need for proper academic infrastructure. As a result, we initiated the transformation of an existing school (Molibany Primary School) from dilapidated shanty-like learning structures into a proper learning environment with a new fully-furnished modern academic and administration block that currently hosts 411 pupils. As a result, there has been a noticeable improvement in learners’ performance and a positive change in attitude towards education, which led to a notable increase in local children attending school. The school still needs a modern dormitory to accommodate at least 200 boys and girls.

The Experience

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For our conservancy model to work, we need guests like yourself to visit us. We're conscious of our environmental footprint and work hard to minimise it whilst still giving our guests the very best safari experience.

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We offer a safari experience that's more exclusive than the main areas, with the added peace of mind that you're helping us make a difference.



The Olerai Conservancy is located within a private section of the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

Olerai Conservancy
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