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At The River Camp, we understand our responsibility to protect and uplift the remarkable Ol Pejeta Conservancy we call home.

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At the forefront of conservation innovation

Conservation is an ever-changing mission we strive to follow. We understand that it takes a village to make a difference, and therefore we partner with international wildlife, security and research specialists to ensure we stay at the forefront of conservation innovation. These valued partnerships have enabled us to get unique data findings and obtain cutting-edge technology that empowers us to make a tangible, lasting difference.

From research initiatives to help us make informed decisions and setting up our Ecological Monitoring Unit (EMU) to monitor trends in key animal and plant species to educating local communities and guests alike, we strive to evolve and improve constantly.


The beauty of Ol Pejeta Conservancy

If you're looking for luxury camps in Ol Pejeta, The River Camp is perfect for conservationists at heart.

The River Camp
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