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When planning your safari adventure at Entim Mara Camp, you might have some questions. Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions from other guests.

Where is Entim Mara located?

Entim Mara is located in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. As one of the world’s most venerated game reserves, you’ll never forget your Kenyan safari experience. It’s also host to part of the seasonal Great Migration.

Are children welcome at Entim Mara?

We welcome children older than eight years old at Entim Mara Camp in Kenya.

How many guests can stay at Entim Mara?

There are a total of 10 luxury tented suites, accommodating a total of 20 guests at a time.

Is it all-inclusive?

Yes, your stay at Entim Mara Camp in Kenya is all-inclusive.

Do you have electricity, plug points and WiFi at Entim Mara?

Yes, we have all of these. However, please note that WiFi is only available in common areas, and we have mobile networks for several service providers. However, it cannot be guaranteed. We have electricity and plug points, but the generator is switched off and on at intervals.

When are your check-in and check-out times?

When staying at Entim Mara, your check-in time is from 12h00, and check-out is from 10h00. However, early check-in and late check-out can be arranged in advance, subject to availability.

How safe is Entim Mara?

Your safety is our top priority. We have 24-hour security as well as guide tents on the premises.

How do you get to Entim Mara?

You can fly to Nairobi and then drive the rest of the way, which will take about six hours. Or, the more convenient option is to fly in directly to the nearby airstrip, which is around a 45-minute flight, whereafter it’s only a 25-minute drive to the camp.

Is there a Gift Shop at the Entim Mara?

Yes, we do have a gift shop at the camp.

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Experience the splendour of East Africa at one of the best safari lodges in Kenya.



A stay at Entim Mara is an immersion into the wilderness, the sense of becoming part of the environment and having profound encounters with the wild.



The Maasai Mara encapsulates one of Africa's most extraordinary stretches of savanna as the Rift Valley escarpment rises in the distance.

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The Entim experience is not your average hotel or lodge; it’s a feeling of being part of the landscape and having profound encounters with wild animals and Maasai people in their own land.

Entim Mara
"Absolutely love Entim. This was our second visit to Entim and it was as wonderful as ever. Entim is beautifully set up and intimate. It's luxurious without being pretensious. There's a lovely warmth and the view overlooking the Mara River is stunning. The staff are absolutely lovely and food is great. Our driver and guide Joseph is the best!! Will be back!!"
"We had the most wonderful stay at Entim. The staff were incredibly helpful, welcoming and catered to all our requests. The food was incredible and the views and surroundings are next to none! Would definitely recommend it. Great location to stay, near 2 river crossings with plenty of wildlife."
"Outstanding place and the kindest staff. It was our last stop in Kenya and the experience was impressive, from the food to the guide, everything was great. The tent was always perfect, their morning call coffee and tea is amazing, food is delicious and staff always keep an eye on your needs. Also Joseph the guide was great."
Fernando de Celis Sánchez
"Everything is very professional, clean, comfortable and friendly. The food was very good, better than the bigger lodges. As a serious photographer we had our breakfasts in the field and the spread was the best we had at any lodge/camp in Kenya. This was my second stay at Entim Camp, and I plan to be back with another group of photographers. The location is great for wildlife - we actually saw a black rhino from the lodge deck. It is also close to a great area for sunrise photos."
This review is for both Entim and Lerai safari camp. Nadine, Mandela from Lerai and Entim camp managers are simple the best! I have decided to stay with them for a special occasion and they have exceeded my expectations! These camps are one of the best in mara! They take service to a whole different level! Great Job guys! This team will go above and beyond to make sure your visit is memorable. Horseback safari with Nadine is a must!