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At Ilkeliani you can fill your days with activities or enjoy the camp at leisure. The game-filled plains of the Maasai Mara offer all manner of activities, and guests can do as much or as little as they choose.


A Typical Day

Drive out of camp at dawn to watch the animals waking to the start of a new day and return to camp for breakfast, or spend a full day in the reserve, stopping for lunch at a picturesque viewpoint. Stroll along the riverbanks observing the prolific birdlife, and talk to the Maasai about their medicinal uses of the indigenous plants.


A schedule just for you

Experience the local culture in a traditional village, and learn the people’s unique stories of creation. Ride a horse across the savannah, mingling with the animals as one of them, or float through the sky in a balloon, gazing down on the animals moving within rippling grasses. Your schedule at Ilkeliani is flexible and your days designed according to your wishes.

Sita, professional dressage trainer, “I was excited to try a horse riding safari, but the experience of riding with wild animals was far better than I’d ever imagined.”

2. Kenyan Cuisine ILKELIANI47

A modern take on Kenyan cuisine

The camp offers a fusion of French and Italian cuisine with a hint of Africa. Using fresh organic produce and locally grown vegetables, the cuisine is a modern Kenyan take on popular European dishes. Meals can be served at the venue of your choice around the camp, on your private veranda, or out in the bush for that special safari experience. Ilkeliani’s accommodating staff are on hand to give personal service, topped with a smile.

Chef Georgeodis, “I particularly enjoy preparing continental cuisine with an African twist. My favourite dish is cordon blue, which I flavour with herbs from the garden.”

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An elegant oasis in the centre of the world famous Maasai Mara.



Voted Africa’s Leading National Park at the World Travel Awards six years running, the Maasai Mara is one of the world’s top safari destinations.



If you’re looking for a luxury Kenya safari lodge, look no further than our Ilkeliani Luxury Tented Camp accommodation options.

Discover the beauty of Ilkeliani

Ilkeliani is an elegant oasis in the centre of the world famous Maasai Mara.

"Everything here is simply excellent! The food was unreal, we weren't expecting such great food. The service here is also as good as it can get, everyone is very friendly and welcoming! The tented cabins are very nice and quite new. Lots of privacy between the tents. Power stays on 24/7. Highly recommend staying here."
"Everything was perfect, our room was amazing as well as the food and the staff, hats off to them they made our stay feel more like home. 5 star experience thanks for making our trip to Kenya a memorable one."
Joe Brawley
"This is an outstanding tented camp. The meals were excellent, and one of the few that offer an A la Carte menu for three meals a day. The service was outstanding, and the tents were very clean and extremely comfortable. Highly recommended."
Andy Harper
"Ilkeliani is incredible. We found it hard to decide where to stay in the Mara but our guide gave us great recommendations. Not only is Ilkeliani conveniently located in the middle of the park, it is also easily accessible by the main roads of Nairobi."
Jasmine Gupta