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Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about ballooning in the Masai Mara.

What equipment do you provide?

Adjustable high-quality riding helmets and chaps are provided.

We keep a selection of jodhpurs, gloves and socks to lend our guests.

Our tack is professionally fitted.

English multipurpose/jumping and eventing saddles in different seat sizes.

Trail saddles with a bigger seat.

Seat savers on request.

What are the horse stables like?

Living as a herd and resembling a horse’s natural way of living.

Incorporated hay feeders are accessible 24 hours a day for our horses.

Resting areas with different surfaces.

Natural ventilation in the barn and trees for shade and shelter in the paddock.

Are kids allowed to go horseback riding?

Kids up to 12 years old can be taken on a lead rein around the camp.

What is the weight limit?

Weight limit of 90kg, maximum of four riders plus lead guide and backup guide.

Can you tell me more about your horses?

Our herd consists of seven safari horses that are well accustomed to the ecosystem we’re riding in. Our stables accommodate a variety of different breeds and crossbreeds. Most of our horses are barefoot. All horses’ vaccinations and other medicals are up to date. Their feeding plan is carefully adjusted to a change in workload, age and climate. Our horses are regularly trimmed by a farrier and checked by a specialised dentist. You can read more about our horses on the “Meet The Horses” page.

How do you mix riders in a group?

Exclusive rides are available on request. Beginners are welcome for a relaxed ride around. Only riders of the same skill level will be mixed unless they are family or a group of friends.

Do I need Travel Insurance Cover?

Yes, travel insurance cover is compulsory. And while we carry public liability insurance and take all reasonable precautions, we insist that you travel with full travel and medical insurance for the duration of your holiday, including coverage of cancellation and curtailment, missed departure or delays, stolen, lost or damaged luggage, medical expenses, personal liability and activities (safari driving, bushwalking and horse riding).

Do I have to wear a riding hat and do you provide them?

It’s strongly recommended that every rider wears a hard riding hat on safari. Ride Mara will provide hard hats or hats. If you choose not to wear a hard riding hat, this is at your own risk. Please check if your holiday/medical insurance covers you in an accident if you are not wearing a riding hat. The safari guides always carry a radio and mobile phone for communication during the ride.

The Experience

An adventure of a lifetime

Our horseback riding destination in Maasai Mara is perfect for safari and nature enthusiasts.

Discover more about Ride Maasai Mara

Explore more about what we offer in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.

The Experience

The Experience

A horse safari is like no other experience. The thrill of being at one with nature never fades.



Located southwest of Kenya in East Africa, there are various safari opportunities.

Ride Maasi Mara
"The stables and horses are kept immaculately. The horses are in great condition and have been well trained for safari riding. John, who has set all of this up is a fantastic horseman and a wonderful guide. I had the most magical morning riding out with them seeing three of the big 5. At all times I felt confident and well looked after. And to round the morning off we finished with the most delicious bush breakfast. A perfect morning in the bush on horseback, my very happy place. Thank you to everyone that made this experience possible."
"Ride Maasai Mara was an incredible experience. We rode with giraffes, elephants, zebras, and much more... the guidance was fantastic and we topped it all off with a breakfast in the savannah. I was with a friend who had never ridden before and he felt like a pro by the end of it. Highly recommend Nadine and her team."
JD Maresco
"I have never enjoyed safari horse riding until I met Nadine and rode at Lerai Conservancy- and I have been riding all my life! Nadine has an intimate knowledge of each of her horses as well as the dynamics in the conservancy, leading to a very safe ride, where I could relax and immerse myself in the wilderness!! The horses are healthy, happy, fulfilled and therefore beautifully behaved."
Lisa Lim Ah Ken