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Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about Olerai Conservancy

Where is Olerai Conservancy?

We’re located in Kenya, East Africa, bordering the Maasai Mara National Reserve to the south and other conservancies to its northern and western end.

Can you self-drive in Olerai Conservancy?

Only vehicles with the Olerai Conservancy sticker will be allowed and all vehicles must stick to the 30km/h speed limit unless there’s an emergency. Please note that no motorbikes are allowed and that hooting is strictly prohibited.

What colours should I not wear?

Please refrain from wearing bright colours like red, yellow, luminous green, etc. as it scares away wildlife.

What's not allowed on safari game drives?

– Keep a distance of no less than 30m from wildlife
– Respect animals and always remember that wildlife has the right of way
– Do not pick up or touch any wild animal
– Throwing objects or whistling towards sleeping animals is strictly forbidden
– Do not conduct any activities (birding, game walks, game drives or night game drives) within the conservancy without written authorisation
– No drunk person will be allowed on a walking safari

What lodges are there in the Olerai Conservancy?

There’s only one permanent lodge within the Olerai Conservancy, namely Lerai Safari Camp.

The Experience

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For our conservancy model to work, we need guests like yourself to visit us. We're conscious of our environmental footprint and work hard to minimise it whilst still giving our guests the very best safari experience.

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Explore our wildlife-rich, untouched plains for an exclusive eco-safari experience you'll never forget.



We offer a safari experience that's more exclusive than the main areas, with the added peace of mind that you're helping us make a difference.



The Olerai Conservancy is located within a private section of the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

Olerai Conservancy
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