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To protect our special slice of land, we need a superhero team of rangers. Here are the faces behind Olerai Conservancy's success.

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Olerai Conservancy Rangers

From left to right:

1. Alex Ntika

2. Kimaru Rakwa

3. Ezekiel Muserian

4. Kipas Kojong’a

5. Lesire Kuyoni

6. Simon Mereru

7. Konene Tira

8. Alex Mpoe

The Experience

Discover Olerai Conservancy

For our conservancy model to work, we need guests like yourself to visit us. We're conscious of our environmental footprint and work hard to minimise it whilst still giving our guests the very best safari experience.

Discover more about Olerai Conservancy

Explore our wildlife-rich, untouched plains for an exclusive eco-safari experience you'll never forget.



We offer a safari experience that's more exclusive than the main areas, with the added peace of mind that you're helping us make a difference.



The Olerai Conservancy is located within a private section of the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

Olerai Conservancy
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