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Lake Nakuru National Park is located on the floor of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, East Africa.


Our Unique Destination in Kenya

Lake Nakuru National Park is located on the floor of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, East Africa. The area is probably most famous for the pink plumage of flamingos crowding the river, a unique sight.

The rest of the bird population in the area is also plentiful, with over 400 different species to admire. In fact, this area’s birdlife is so special that it was declared not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also recognised as an Important Bird Area (IBA) since 2009, an Endemic Bird Area (EBA), and a RAMSAR site since 1990.

Meet Kenya’s Wildlife

However, it’s not all about the birds here. Safari lovers will be delighted to learn that Lake Nakuru National Park is a haven for over 100 endangered rhinos, Rotschild’s giraffe, and other species like lions, impalas, waterbuck, buffalos, and more. The landscapes range from woodlands to grasslands and rocky escarpments luring various species of wildlife. It also makes for incredible photo opportunities! However, we still believe the best photos are taken from our boats, where you get a unique vantage point and can enjoy uninterrupted views.

Game Drive 1
Impalas Overlooking Leopard hill

How to get here

Cliff Boat Safaris is about a three-hour drive from the capital Nairobi, but there are also fly-in options if you want to skip the road transfer.

Remember that booking is essential, so please contact us today to reserve your spot on your preferred boat.

The Experience

An unforgettable wildlife experience

Explore our destination in Lake Nakuru National Park where you can enjoy our boat safaris to see and learn more about this spectacular park.

Discover more about Cliff Boat Safaris

Cliff Boat Safaris in Kenya offer a different perspective of the area, in particular of wildlife in the water like hippos, waterbucks, birdlife, and more.

The Experience

The Experience

Boat safaris in Kenya offer a different perspective of the area and are perfect for bird-watchers and photographers.

Safety & Environment

Safety & Environment

Your safety is our priority. Furthermore, we do everything in our power to ensure we tread lightly and do not harm the beautiful setting we're lucky to be operating in.

Cliff Boat Safaris
"Clearly the highlight of this trip was the boat safari which was the best I have ever experienced in any country. We were served champagne, fresh breads and a host of other goodies as the tour guides (an experienced fisherman and a climate scientist and ecologist with an M.Sc. in her field) took us across the lake and explained every facet of the trip and the unique ecosystem and habitat. This was by far the best lake cruise I have been on and was educational, informative as well as fun for the kids."
"Nakuru is famous for birds and The Cliff's Mary is an expert on birds. She walked us through the property and showed us many species. She helped me track down a bird I'd wanted to see. We took a boat tour and Mary and Captain Suleiman was so knowledgeable and so eager to show us the best that Nakuru had to offer. We were bowled over. And the food on the tour... oh! Wow! It was a feast in the middle of the lake."
Debashri S