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Boat safaris in Kenya offer a different perspective of the area, in particular of wildlife in the water like hippos, waterbucks, birdlife and more.


A Bird-Watcher’s Paradise

Enjoy a game drive on the water to get a closer look at some water-based wildlife, like the majestic hippo stretching its mouth wide open and revealing its terrifying set of premolars. The area is particularly well-known for its rich birdlife, especially the fantastic pink plumage of the flamingos flocking to Lake Nakuru.

This adventure is perfect for wildlife photographers and bird-watching enthusiasts in particular. As the first national park declared an Important Bird Area (IBA) and Endemic Bird Area (EBA), you’ll be in seventh heaven as you float along the lake with something new catching your eye every couple of minutes.


Seize the Day on Our Seaduction Boat

We have two boat options for you to choose from, our Seaduction eight-seater boat or our Kingfisher boat that’s specialised for photography with swivel chairs and gimbals.

Our boat, called Seaduction, is designed for anyone who wants to see as much as possible from a comfortable padded seat with a backrest. It’s the perfect boat for a photo safari and bird-watching tour.

We have set departure times throughout the year and only take eight passengers at a time to ensure an uncrowded sighting experience.

The trip is headed up by our Lake Nakuru resident naturalist, who has plenty of knowledge about the area and its wildlife to share. You can also book the boat for exclusive use and enjoy a half-day safari out on the water.

If you opt for the morning cruise, breakfast and sparkling wine will be served to accompany the incredible views. The afternoon sundowner experience is enjoye

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The Photographer's Dream Kingfisher Cruise

The Kingfisher is designed with the photographer in mind, with specialised features customised for making your experience easier. And to get better photos, of course! The boat features seven custom-designed swivel chairs to give you excellent stability and can swivel 360 degrees for all the best angles.

Furthermore, it has been fitted with gimbals for smooth footage and crisp captures, allowing for a wide range of shots. Each seat is mounted on two rails that are easily adjustable and equipped with mounting for resting professional cameras and taking the load off your shoulders.

You can mount your equipment on adjustable photo brackets and gimbals suited for any camera and telephoto lens type. Furthermore, our expert guides can give you a hand to help you get the optimal photographs. You can also book this boat for half or full-day safaris.

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Featured stay

The Cliff

Luxurious tents at the cliff’s edge face the lake, allowing guests 180-degree views of the panoramic paradise while maintaining privacy. Each tent is very spacious, with a freestanding bath looking outwards.

Discover more about Cliff Boat Safaris

Cliff Boat Safaris in Kenya offer a different perspective of the area, in particular of wildlife in the water like hippos, waterbucks, birdlife, and more.



Explore our destination in Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya.

Safety & Environment

Safety & Environment

Your safety is our priority. Furthermore, we do everything in our power to ensure we tread lightly and do not harm the beautiful setting we're lucky to be operating in.

Cliff Boat Safaris
"Clearly the highlight of this trip was the boat safari which was the best I have ever experienced in any country. We were served champagne, fresh breads and a host of other goodies as the tour guides (an experienced fisherman and a climate scientist and ecologist with an M.Sc. in her field) took us across the lake and explained every facet of the trip and the unique ecosystem and habitat. This was by far the best lake cruise I have been on and was educational, informative as well as fun for the kids."
"Nakuru is famous for birds and The Cliff's Mary is an expert on birds. She walked us through the property and showed us many species. She helped me track down a bird I'd wanted to see. We took a boat tour and Mary and Captain Suleiman was so knowledgeable and so eager to show us the best that Nakuru had to offer. We were bowled over. And the food on the tour... oh! Wow! It was a feast in the middle of the lake."
Debashri S