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Form a special bond not only with your horse but with Mother Nature as you trot through the savannah.


Every ride is different

A horse safari is like no other experience. The thrill of being at one with nature never fades. You move freely amongst the animals as if you’re one of them. High on a horse, you ride through a herd of eland or spot a lonely Topi atop a termite mound. You feel the sun-warmed breeze on your face, see the grasses rippling beneath you, and hear birdsong trilling in the trees.

Every ride is different. A flock of sunbirds might ripple through the air. A vivid turaco flashes past. Zebras shiver their ears and whinny. A lion, deep in the grasses, raises his head. On your horse, accepted by the animals, you’re immersed in the experience.

The Maasai Mara, voted Africa’s leading national park six years running, has an extraordinary variety of wildlife, including all the Big 5. Known for the annual Great Migration, when vast herds of wildebeest pour across the plains and plunge through the rivers, the Mara has a huge variety of animals and birds at all times of the year.

On the fringe of the Maasai Mara lies Olerai Conservancy. A private 5000-acre conservancy, Olerai has lush plains, trickling streams, rocky crags and forested hills. Here you’ll experience truly natural Africa as it has been since the beginning of time. Fuel your soul, absorb the magic of nature and fill your eyes with wonders.


Meet Nadine Ospelkaus

Nadine, our Equestrian Manager, has been with Ride Mara from the very first day. She designed the stables, oversaw the constructions, selected the horses, established the herd, and is continually building and training the equestrian team, buying and fitting the tack and scouting riding routes. She knows every horse intimately.

Stanley on Ndovu D-61818 (1)

Meet Stanley Mpoe Tajewuo

Meet Stanley, our smart and passionate Maasai horsemen. Stanley is originally from Mau Forest, but some of his family live within the Olerai Conservancy as Landlords. When Stanley was a student, he represented Narok county in the long-distance running competition, and competed at a national level.

John Ekalale_1

Meet John Ekalale

John Ekalale is our witty, reliable, and compassionate barn manager and our lead horse safari guide. He is part of the Turkana tribe of Northern Kenya and grew up in the western part of Lakipia.


Our Stables

Nadine personally designed our stables according to the most up-to-date research and knowledge, together with beliefs developed over her years of experience working with horses. She has designed our stables to the benefit of all the horses that live here, ensuring they are healthy and happy.

The spacious stables are 300m2. The high makuti thatched roof keeps the stables cool and shady. We cut no trees to build the stables, and several large trees grow through them, improving the stables’ air quality and natural environment. The many windows have wooden shutters, open throughout the day for breeze and light and closed at night to make the stables completely predator-proof.

Horses are herd animals like zebras. Therefore, our stables are open-plan with no divisions, allowing the horses to mingle and move as they like. Another benefit of keeping horses in a group is that they form their own hierarchy. And during a ride, that hierarchy is maintained, so they don’t need to establish a new hierarchy during rides.

The Experience

An adventure of a lifetime

Our horse riding in Maasai Mara is the best way to enjoy an immersive safari experience and get onto the wildlife’s level.

Discover more about Ride Maasai Mara

Explore more about what we offer in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.

The Experience

The Experience

A horse safari is like no other experience. The thrill of being at one with nature never fades.



Located southwest of Kenya in East Africa, there are various safari opportunities.

Ride Maasi Mara
"The stables and horses are kept immaculately. The horses are in great condition and have been well trained for safari riding. John, who has set all of this up is a fantastic horseman and a wonderful guide. I had the most magical morning riding out with them seeing three of the big 5. At all times I felt confident and well looked after. And to round the morning off we finished with the most delicious bush breakfast. A perfect morning in the bush on horseback, my very happy place. Thank you to everyone that made this experience possible."
"Ride Maasai Mara was an incredible experience. We rode with giraffes, elephants, zebras, and much more... the guidance was fantastic and we topped it all off with a breakfast in the savannah. I was with a friend who had never ridden before and he felt like a pro by the end of it. Highly recommend Nadine and her team."
JD Maresco
"I have never enjoyed safari horse riding until I met Nadine and rode at Lerai Conservancy- and I have been riding all my life! Nadine has an intimate knowledge of each of her horses as well as the dynamics in the conservancy, leading to a very safe ride, where I could relax and immerse myself in the wilderness!! The horses are healthy, happy, fulfilled and therefore beautifully behaved."
Lisa Lim Ah Ken