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Located southwest of Kenya in East Africa, there are various safari opportunities. However, a horseback riding safari is the best way to really head into the belly of the bush and experience its unique nuances.

Explore the Largest Game Reserve in Kenya

The biggest reserve in all of Kenya, it’s also one of the most frequented ones. Other than the Big 5 (lion, leopard, African elephant, Cape buffalo, and rhino), you can also see a host of other fascinating animals like Thompson’s gazelle, zebra, hyena, giraffe, cheetah, wildebeest, eland, and many, many more. Big, medium or small, they’re all something to behold! The local Maasai culture will also enrich your experience with their colourful body drapes, vocal-based music and jump-style dances.

Africa’s greatest wildlife paradise

There’s no finer horseback riding destination than the Maasai Mara National Park. A Big 5 reserve and home to part of the Great Migration annual spectacle, it’s a wildlife sanctuary with landscapes as far as the eye can see, still growing free and left to its own devices.

The Experience

An Adventure of a Lifetime

Our horseback riding destination in Maasai Mara is perfect for safari and nature enthusiasts.

Discover more about Ride Maasai Mara

Let loose and embrace the wildlife adventure that is a horseback safari in the Maasai Mara.

The Experience

The Experience

A horse safari is like no other experience. The thrill of being at one with nature never fades.



Located southwest of Kenya in East Africa, there are various safari opportunities.

Ride Maasi Mara
"The stables and horses are kept immaculately. The horses are in great condition and have been well trained for safari riding. John, who has set all of this up is a fantastic horseman and a wonderful guide. I had the most magical morning riding out with them seeing three of the big 5. At all times I felt confident and well looked after. And to round the morning off we finished with the most delicious bush breakfast. A perfect morning in the bush on horseback, my very happy place. Thank you to everyone that made this experience possible."
"Ride Maasai Mara was an incredible experience. We rode with giraffes, elephants, zebras, and much more... the guidance was fantastic and we topped it all off with a breakfast in the savannah. I was with a friend who had never ridden before and he felt like a pro by the end of it. Highly recommend Nadine and her team."
JD Maresco
"I have never enjoyed safari horse riding until I met Nadine and rode at Lerai Conservancy- and I have been riding all my life! Nadine has an intimate knowledge of each of her horses as well as the dynamics in the conservancy, leading to a very safe ride, where I could relax and immerse myself in the wilderness!! The horses are healthy, happy, fulfilled and therefore beautifully behaved."
Lisa Lim Ah Ken